Emfatic plugin download

Here is the latest (2008-10-13) build of the Emfatic plugins.

My Emfatic update site

Here is my emfatic plugin update site (including antlr-2.7.7): http://scharf.gr/eclipse/emfatic/update/

My Emfatic zip downloads

If you prefer a to download a zip file and drop it into an extension location or a p2 drop-in folder, use the link below:

Notification when new versions are available

If you want to be notified when new versions are available from this site, add yourself to the CC list of bug 243009.

Please add comments and request to bug 243008

Why this update site?

I could not find the plugins on the eclipse site, so I decided to build it myself following the build instructions. It turned out that Emfatic also needs a org.antlr_2.7.7 plugin. I created it and included it into this distribution. I think there are some copyright issues so, unlike antlr-3.x, antlr-2.x cannot be hosted at eclipse.org.

This is not the ibm alphaworks version of emfatic!

Note: This version is mutch better than the closed source version on IBM alphaworks. This is the open source eclipse version of Emfatic.